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IOSA Audit

What is being audited?

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The IOSA program covers 8 areas:

  • Organization and Management System (ORG)

  • Flight Operations (FLT)

  • Cabin Operations (CAB)

  • Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance (MNT)

  • Operational Control and Flight Dispatch (DSP)

  • Ground Handling Operations (GRH)

  • Cargo Operations (CGO)

  • Security Management (SEC)

Benefits of the IOSA audit

Safety and Security

Highest and most restrictive internationally recognized quality standards in safety and security.

Cost reduction

Sharing audit reports saves business partners and regulatory bodies, time and resources and eliminates the need for redundant audits.

Continuous improvement

The IOSA standards and recommended business practices are continually improving and updated, making sure that the Operator stays current in the dynamic aviation industry.

More details on the process

IOSA Preparation Visits (IPV)

Operators who want to prepare for the IOSA Certification Audit can request a preparation visit that will help them to understand the whole process better.  
The IPV includes also gap analysis and guidance on how to conform with the ISARPs.

IOSA Registry

Operators that successfully complete an IOSA certification audit will be a part of the IOSA Registry, specially created and maintained by IATA.

IOSA audit validity

The IOSA certification is valid for 2 (two) years. Passing a recurrent audit is necessary to maintain the status of an IOSA certified operator.

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