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EASA Audit

What is being audited?


The EASA audit checks for compliance with the technical requirements for Air Operations as laid in the (EU) 965/2012.

The audit is conducted on the following parts:

  • Annex III – Part-ORO

  • Annex IV – Part-CAT

  • Annex  V – Part-SPA

  • Annex VI – Part-NCC

  • Annex VII – Part-NCO

  • Annex VIII – Part-SPO

Benefits of the EASA audit

Safety and Security

Complying with the basic requirements of the EU Legislation ensures a good level of safety. It is recommended to adopt the ISARPs to increase the level of safety and security, to the latest standards.

Continuous improvement

EASA goes through a continuous process of developing new legislation to support safety. 

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